EcoNorfolk to Partner with EcoNauru and Womens Group

Mrs Denise Quintal the CEO for EcoNorfolk is working with EcoNauru to submit a civil society initiative project for a Gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in Environment and Health, education and nutrition, which is also inclusive of governance, peace and security.  EcoNorfolk is reciprocating a previous project which they have achieved successful outcomes in Norfolk Island and would like to expand into the Pacific.  The project is currently in its planning stages so once that is completed the proposal will be submitted to Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) for consideration.


Environmental Problems in Nauru

Asbestos is a big problem for Nauru,   there is an alarming volume of asbestos mostly in the form of asbestos-cement in roofing and cladding on houses and buildings,  There is a substantial amount of  asbestos being removed from buildings, which has caused large stockpiles of asbestos waste around household  and public areas  which are detrimental to human health,

Working with Communities

Working in Partnership with the Department of Commerce Industry and Environment, UNDP Ridge to Reef project, during a training and awareness consultation with the community of Ijuw.

Mr Haseldon Buraman (far left) and Mr Nodel Neneiya (far right) were keynote speakers during National Youth Day, speaking on impacts of Climate Change on Nauru,

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