Our Objectives

To promote ecologically sustainable development in Nauru and globally to achieve equity for present and future generations and preserve ecological integrity and biological diversity.

  • To alleviate poverty by providing assistance to those on the island who suffer from the effects of polluted water, soil and air.
  • To promote informed community participation in the management of natural resources through the provision of environmental education, monitoring and training programs.
  • To assist communities to develop strategies and to implement the actions needed to protect and restore the environment.
  • To promote networking between groups involved in environmental education, protection and restoration activities.
  • To promote inter cultural communication and understanding.
  • To foster the awareness of the global context of local environmental issues
  • To promote ideas and actions which will enhance peoples understanding of the interdependence of all life on Planet Earth.
  • To produce and distribute environmental education resources in support of the objects of the Association.
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