Nauru’s GEF, SGP Updates

GEF, Small Grants Programme, National Steering Committee Members Meeting

The GEF, Small Grants Programme, National Steering Committee is comprised of Civil Society Members with diverse backgrounds and interest. The members represented are from Women’s Church Fellowship Group, Nauru Private Business Sector Organisation (NPBSO), Nauru Community Based Organisations (NCBO)and other community members, the only Government representative is the Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Environment who is also the Operational Focal Point for Global Environment Facility.

There were six projects presented to the SGP, NSC which were designed and owned by the communities in Nauru. The projects ranged from planting, piggery biogas, stormwater catchment management system and capacity building initiatives in marine management. The Piggery Biogas project and the Capacity Training Initiative have been approved by the NSC and the remaining 2 needs to be compiled into the SGP format before they could be approved. The National Steering Committee members were very happy with the quality and diverse range of projects submitted and look forward to the next meeting on the 7th of June 2019.

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