ECONAURU and GEF Small Grant Programme to partner in implementing GEF SGP

 Welcome to The GEF Small Grants Programme

EcoNauru looks forward to working in partnership with GEF UNDP Small Grants Programme, which GEF SGP through UNOPs has approved EcoNauru as its key Partner to manage and oversee the GEF Small Grants Program in Nauru.  The presence of GEF SGP in Nauru would be a valuable opportunity for Nauru’s communities to fully engage with EcoNauru and GEF SGP in working collaboratively to address and achieve sustainable development by embracing GEF SGP theme “thinking globally acting locally”.  The programme will provide directly to communities financial and technical support to initiatives that are locally designed and managed, which promotes sustainable conservation and restoration of Nauru’s fragile natural and physical environment.   EcoNauru and GEF Small Grants Programme are working hard to ensure that GEF SGP is fully operational and providing much-needed training and assistance to vulnerable communities on Nauru in the near future.

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