EcoNauru Submits 3 Small Grants Program for Grant Approval

EcoNauru as the National Institutional host for the GEF, Small Grant Programme has submitted 3 community-based projects on the multi-focal area for GEF, SGP.  The 3 projects are: firstly, a Community-based Marine Training for 5 districts of Menen, Ijuw, Denig, Buada & Boe Community.  the training will focus on capacity building initiative on island sustainability based on marine and lagoon resources.  The training will be conducted by University of Sydney.  The second project is on Sustainable Agriculture & Horticulture Practice in Nauru, enhancing advance farming technology to provide alternative livelihoods for women and youth whilst strengthening the knowledge management on Island Biodiversity.   The recipient of the project is Nauru Farmers and Growers Association.  The third project is a small-scale piggery farming project which seeks to explore the benefits of biogas from pig waste.  The recipient of the project is Ijuw and Denig Community.

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